March 29, 2011

Today is good.

Today has been a good day! Ollie slept in a few minutes, so I worked on my embroidery project, which is this:
I'm almost finished the row on the right, about 1/3 of the way done. I'm trying to alternate easy squares with more intricate ones so I don't get burned out. Justin already made me a beautiful frame for it (While we were home. I am slow.) and I can't wait to see it finished and framed. We turned on PBS ,by chance, watched a documentary on one of my favorite children's authors, Virginia Lee Burton, who wrote this:

I have really good memories of reading this book, and I can't wait to share it with Ollie.

We shared some scrambled eggs and yogurt for breakfast, talked to Gran, made this week's batch of bread, and read a few books.

Now Ollie is taking a nap, and we plan on going to the park this afternoon. I really love spring. I always feel like a new person, and like I can accomplish so much more in just those few extra minutes of daylight.

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mom said...

Looking at this book cover gives me the same warm feelings as petting the dog! Such happy times we had.....