April 12, 2011

March into April

So right now, my photoshop is working, which means I can't get any of the raw images off of my camera... So here are a bunch of pictures from my phone that give you a little idea what we've been up to.
Ollie has perpetually crazy hair.

Jake helped me make some sweet potato baby food. He almost threw up while doing this, but managed to muscle through. Poor Jake and his dislike for so many delicious foods.
This was the best fortune I've ever gotten.

We took Ruby down to the high school to play some fetch. Ollie was kind enough to let her off the leash to play.

My work-in-progress embroidery. I have since completed half of another square.

Apparently Ollie loves Honey Dew Melon. Dont worry- he was under close supervision.

I happened to take this picture of us right as Justin walked in the door from work.

Ollie loves his Daddy.
"Helping" with the dishes.

Justin got a new bike! He loves it and is already jumping curbs and popping wheelies.

Vroom Vroom.

Ollie fell asleep while doing yoga in his crib.Justin sent me flowers! I think I'll keep him.

Ruby loves the belly rubs.

Like I said about the hair...

She is such a snuggle pup...

I'm working on my food storage, and I'm super excited about it. This is what I got yesterday at Maceys Case Lot sale. Maybe I will go into more detail about this later...

He has his Daddy's pink lips.

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leigh + brian said...

He is so cute! And getting so big! Looks like you guys are having fun! Id love to hear about your food storage! I've been thinking i need to get my emergency preparedness up to par so I'd love to hear your ideas! :)