April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

This girl loves to snuggle. With everyone. Especially if you rub her belly.

Recycle-Dog to the Rescue!

We have an Easter tradition here, and it involves eggs and baseball bats.
Maybe you remember from last year?

Epic Fail.

We woke up on Easter morning to over 6 inches of snow. By this time in the evening, most of it on the ground had melted. It was pretty awful considering it was up near 80 degrees and beautiful at home.

Heidi has lift-off. And Justin was showered in yolks.

Justin's eggs are just like his Jack-O-Lanterns.

Sweet Ruby.

She had a great time eating the yolks that we dropped.
She was smelly for quite some time afterwards... But still Oh-So-Cute.


Emily@Little Forever Family said...

This just sounds like Justin's kind of way to spend Easter. I bet Ruby was a really happy girl!!!

Kim said...

Quite literally an epic fail Amanda. I love it. What Happened to using tennis racquets?