April 13, 2009

Easter Round Up: Part 1

After Jamie and Lindsay drove us to Chipotle, we figured it would be nice to have them over to dye eggs. It was way fun. Oh, and Nathan came too.
I've been really into the wide open aperature thing lately... Here's Nathan with one of his eggs.

Lindsey with her egg.

Jamie was really excited.



Does that remind you of anything?

He made that! So pretty... Good job Justin.

We have a tradition of smashing our eggs with bats after we dye them. It's a little destructive for my taste, but it's fun, and a good way to reduced some pent up anger (if you have that sort of thing). Here was the first casualty.

Egg Flying Action!

Yolk Remnants on the bat. Gross.

Nathan got his first new pair of shoes in like 8 years. We're proud of him. And they're really cool too, so it's double great.


ma said...

Good friends, great eggs, what could be more fun? And how did you do the speckled ones? We used tennis rackets on our eggs, but now that we actually play tennis we have switched to bats, and I know one little missionary who has several bats but happens to be in Mexico right now...so he'll never know...

aandkhousewright said...

that's a crazy tradition... never heard of it but i think adam would prefer that to eating them... maybe we'll try that next year.