August 4, 2009

Green River

We went to Green River for Youth Conference with our ward last weekend. It was mainly great because they grow watermelons there, so we had a plethora of watermelon, fresh off the vine, 24/7. I would move there, except it's really hot. And dusty.

Our tent was the best. We had a little 2 man hiking tent, and it worked awesomely.
Group Shot.

Front yard.

By the river.

Justin and Brian were on catapult duty.

Food never tastes as good as it does when you're camping.

Andre's got skills.


We also did a service project.
It was a good time, all in all.
We're leaving to go out of town on Thursday for a little over 2 weeks. Heidi is getting married, and we're going to the beach. I'll try to post pictures and updates, but as always, no promises :)


Rachel said...

That looks so fun! Your camera is amazing by the way. I admit, I'm jealous.

Jed said...

haha that picture with the tents is awesome