July 28, 2009

A Good Day for Justin

I met Justin after work tonight, before he had to go out for JCAT. We parked on a side street to sit and talk for a few minutes before he had to meet everyone. Luckily for us, B Money happened to walk down the street a few minutes later. He caught Justin's eye and proceeded to give us a sales pitch for Direct TV. I always wondered what he did in his spare time, between autograph signings and filming music videos. Now we know.
He gave us his phone number and address just in case we wanted to get in touch with him later, but I won't post that for his sake. It's ok though, you can be jealous.
In case you don't know who B Money is, THIS should tell you all you need to know.
And don't think I'm weird, this is just a guy that roams around Provo, and is a local celebrity, according to him. He's not handicapped. Promise. He's just gangster.
And Meow to you kitties that are cute down the street. Peace Out. - B. Money


Jed said...

Hahaha thats awesome. Ive never seen that video and it is very inspiring. Where is the 'like' button on this blogger thing?

brett and alyssa said...

hi amanda! i'm so excited to have found your blog! i'm still getting ours started. yours looks so good!