June 6, 2009

Poor Le Tomato

My tomato plant has died. The wind snapped it off right at the base where it meets the dirt. I tried to stake it back in place, hoping that it had only snapped *half* way, and the rest of the plant would somehow survive miraculously. This morning, my greatest fears were confirmed. It's shrively and dead.

Oh so very sad. I guess I can't grow stuff afterall. My parsley is still alive, too bad I don't have a guinea pig.


aandkhousewright said...

you crack me up! maybe you can dry your parsley and use it in stuff like chicken haystacks (your family eats those, right?)!

Coty said...

i love the new banner. teach me how!!!

mom said...

The wind snapped your tomato...that same crazy wind that wakes me up in the night when I visit you...that turns those monster sized windmills that generate your electricity...it had nothing to do with you. All these experiences teach us.... by the way....you hate tomatoes!