April 20, 2009

A little Catnip goes a long way...

When we first got Hobbes, the orange, we immediately bought a big jar of catnip, anticipating the craziness that would ensue upon our getting home. I remembered my family's beloved Sparky, who usually went just short of nuts when we'd give him a sock of catnip. At the end of his days, we'd give it to him to help him feel better (?) since he had diabetes, and it was kind of a slow fading out, rather than a quick death. I'm not sure if it eased any symptoms, but he sure loved it.

Needless to say, we were disappointed when Hobbes turned out to be indifferent to catnip. He doesn't like it. At all. Weird, I know. He also doesn't like chicken, which is really weird.

Calvin, our little dumpster kitty, loves chicken however. And sour cream. And salsa. And chips. And anything else you're willing to throw to him on the floor. I think it's a similar symptom to those who lived through the Great Depression, and always seem to have pantries stacked full of food, and other various staches lying around. He's live without food once before, and he'll be darned if he's going to do that again.

In addition to trash, Calvin LOVES catnip. We don't give it to him very often because we don't really want to ruin a sock, and I don't have anything else to put it in. So we just sprinkle a little bit on the floor, and then sweep it up when he's finished making love to it.

It's pretty much the funniest thing you've ever seen, and maybe this sequence of pictures can give you a little bit of an idea of the vigor with which Calvin attacks that nip.

Pupils dialated, and by the lip smacking, you can tell he's got the munchies. Are you sure this stuff is legal?

Must. Doggie. Paddle.


swat swat swat swat.


must breath. must breath. Wait--where'd it all go? On my back you say? How'd it get there?
It was kind of hard to get pictures because of the incredible rate with which he was flailing. But maybe this gives you an idea. Come see it in person sometime. I guarantee it's better.

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