April 13, 2009

Easter Round Up: Part 2


Not to brag, but I make some dang good biscuits.

The beans were amazing. And I'm not usually a fan of fresh green beans. They're kind of hairy. And the flavor is rather strong. And grassy. But these were good.

Mmmm.... Yup, these were good too. And super easy. I'd recommend the recipe any day. You can see the link 2 posts ago if you're interested.

THE LEMON CAKE WAS AMAZING. And again, really easy. It was very dense like a pound cake. What I liked best was that there wasn't any lemon extract, just fresh, delicious, real lemon. Paired with the blackberries and whipped cream, I almost died.

In one piece.


ma said...

I WANT SOME!!! It all looks so amazing. Those biscuits....yum! Can I come for dinner next year? What a talented daughter I have!

Coty* said...


It looks absolutely scrumptious, Amanda! Way to go!

aandkhousewright said...

i wish i had been at your house for easter!!! i am horrible at making biscuits. i need some tips and a good recipe from you.