February 2, 2009

We always say this

But Justin and I are going to be healthier. It's kind of funny because we're both pretty good at being healthy, but in entirely different ways. I am pretty good about what I eat. I try to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and as much fresh unprocessed, non-greasy stuff possible. Justin is very diligent about working out and if he doesn't get his exercise, he gets very fidgety.

I figured it would be a good idea if we combined our stregnths. Justin is always asking me to go to the gym (which I try to do regularly, but I hate it), and I always appreciate a little extra support in the health food department.

So we decided that I'll go to the gym with him every time he wants, if he eats what I want us to.

We're going to go to the gym at least three times a week, and we're pledging not to eat out except maybe once a week. This really is our weakness- for so long we've been so busy thateating out has been the best option. No dishes, no clean up, and no prep time. And two of us can eat pretty cheaply. But I'm going to start cooking every night again. We went to the grocery store tonight and bought the ingredients for the meals we plan to cook this week.

Not that you're really interested, but this is me making it public so I can't back out. Feel free to ask me how I'm doing occassionally, so I can feel bad if I'm slacking.

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