November 21, 2008

Weekend Plans

Making lists always helps me get more stuff done.

This weekend, I plan to:
  • Watch Beauty and the Beast
  • Work on Christmas Presents.
  • Maybe sew some new pillow covers
  • Grind up some of the grains I've had sitting in my cabinet for almost 2 months now
  • make a new starter
  • Look for some inexpensive picture frames for a project I want to do. Any ideas where I can get them? And I mean inexpensive. I'm poor and I can make cheap things look pretty
  • Bake something. Not sure what yet, but I'm getting the itch.
  • Plan Thanksgiving
  • Go Christmas Shopping. That shouldn't take long seeing as my budget is small, and the craft store isn't very big either :) Ha.
  • Plan our nursery lesson for Sunday
  • Paint my nails red.
  • Continue teaching myself to knit. I bought a little pamphlet on it. Someday I want to knit socks, but you have to start with the basics... I hate basics.
  • Figure out what I'm giving/making everyone for Christmas. I guess this should come before the shopping/making part.
  • Clean my bathroom, fold laundry, and pick up other various places in the casa.

So I probably won't get all of this done, but I'll try to cross things off as they get completed. Don't check back though, because it might be embarrassing if I don't get anything done...

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