November 22, 2008

I wake up too early.

Justy is still sleeping, and for the last several months I've been getting up way too early on Saturdays. To pass time without having to get out of bed, I've been looking through old pictures on my laptop. They're from the last few years. Some make me giggle out loud, and others make me feel a bit sad, but make what you will of them.

Myspace style in the new house....

Dad happened to have a business trip to SLC, so he came and saw us for a few days.
It was the best.

Calvin has always been fascinated with Hobbes' tail.

Post-explosion eye, or non-eye I guess.

Attack of the Kitties!!!!!

Justy had crazy eyes

I love this one of J and Ethan

Obviously by my hair, I'm really asleep.
Hobbes doesn't seem to mind being used as a pillow...

Uncle Justin and JJ

Justin will hate me for posting this, and it will probably come down later today, but on our move out here, I said something he thought was really funny, and I caught him mid-crack-up. It makes me smile.

Ye olde Jefferson County Fair. I was sad to miss it this year. Eventhough it's smelly, full of rednecks, and horribly muddy all the time, it's still a little part of my childhood memories that is so fun to relive every year.

When Justin and I were dating, he made me a purse to hold a necklace that he gave me for my 18th birthday. It is one of the sweetest things I have. He has always been so thoughtful. And yes, that's Mike Keay's foot to the right.

My freshman year, we went iceblocking at Rock View Canyon Park with Mike and Kim, Jed, and a few other of Justin's Roommates. This is the best action shot ever, in my book. I think Kim was riding on Mike's back, but then bailed when she realized it was all over. It kind of looks like she might have whacked Mike in the head in the process of the bailout.

Justin might hate me for posting this too, but oh well. I can't help but laugh hysterically inside every time I see this. Justin has made a tradition of acting like a two-year-old every time we go to the beach. It's pretty funny, and he's washing sand out of his chest hair for weeks afterwards.

This is my all time favorite picture of Tommy. He thought it would be funny to put a shell in his mouth while I was taking a picture of him, but he forgot to account for the sand and salty taste. This is a genuine heave of disgust.


Anonymous said...

I love the fact that our house is in one of the pics...and the pic of Justin and Ethan is really cute. I can't believe how much time has gone by. Sad that we didn't get to go out last night but I am glad that the jury came to a decision early enough that you weren't there till 2 in the morning. I'm excited that we are going to see eachother this week! When you want to go shopping for food just let me know..or whatever you want to do for the dinner...

ma said...

makes me miss you even more....