November 21, 2008

Everything that is wrong with the world can be summed up here.

I found this via How About Orange while Iw as doing my daily surfing. The thread I have a link to below is hilarious, and it undoubtable illustrates with aweful, horrid, bathroom-like pictures everything that is wrong with our lazy society that will settle for anything, as long as it doesn't involve a little elbow grease.

So the idea is "cake in a cup." you mix it up and microwave it for five minutes, and you have a delicious, single serving of delicious, spongy, chocolaty cake, made from scratch. Except for the delicious and spongy part. Apparently it's more like gross rubbery chocolaty cake.

Exhibit A:

Apparently this is what it is "supposed" to look like. Why would anyone make anything with the intent that it come out like this? Eghleth. If you need cake that badly, please just make a mix, or at the very least, go get some hostess cakes because this is awful and embarrassing.

Exhibit B:

Someone thought it would be a good idea to try it with Strawberry Nesquick instead of Cocoa Powder.

Yeah- I think they're almost the same thing.

NOT. And since when is strawberry flavored cake good? How about strawberry filling, or strawberries on top.

Like I said, everything that is wrong.

Settling for that instead of yummy strawberries.

And you should read this thread on this very topic. It's quite hilarious, if you share my sense of humor. If not, you better not go there...

Anyway, this is random, but it gave me a laugh, so I thought I'd share.

How About Orange actually tried it, and hers looks a bit more appetizing, although I won't be trying it anytime soon, seeing as how I'm trying to cut back on my cakeage.

Oh. And this is how I like my strawberries and cake.


JAG said...

Next time you come over, I'm going to make cake. And when I serve it to you, you won't know if it's instant or real.

(I've actually never tried the instant one before. Maybe you'll be my guinea pig...)

JAG said...

Actually I was at a friend's house one time and we made mini cakes in mugs, but we used a portion of real cake mix and some other things (oil/water/etc). They were really good. I'll see if I can get that recipe for ya. ;)