November 13, 2008

Can't think of an interesting title...

Yep. My brain is pretty much fried. Sorry.

The piano tuner is here, which I am SO EXCITED about, because now my piano will sound as beautiful as it looks! It's always sounded beautiful, but being perfectly in tune is a huge plus. I'm trying to look busy though, because it kind of awkward having a stranger here. So, apologies for the lameness of the post. I can't really do anything that makes noise, which pretty much nixes my entire to-do list. I have to do something quiet to keep busy, and not be awkward. It doesn't help that he hasn't said one word since he got here. But it's fine with me. I'm just happy my piano is getting tuned. And for free.

As a side note, some interesting things are happening at work, which has made life extremely stressful lately. We are in the process of merging with one of our competetors (shhh!) and taking on some new partners in the hopes that it will give us the boost we need to make the business flourish. I don't think it's great news for me though, because my job is so abstract. I'm not in danger of losing it at the moment, but things are changing a great deal, and I just really don't like it. Costco has gone great though, which is a plus, and I'm trying to enjoy the last days of working for a small business.

It's been nice.

But the stress has been so thick, you could cut it with a knife. I will be relieved to have everyone back to their old, non-stressed out selves.

In closing, I'd like to offer a word of advice to my fellow BYUers.
If it is snowing or raining, it's after labor day, it's 35 degrees outside, and you are walking to school, I generally view it as intelligent practice to not wear white sundresses and dress sandals. It's time to pull out those shoes *gasp* and put away the flip flops for the season. It looks plain rediculous to be wearing a linen knee length skirt, flip flops, and a fur-lined parka.

I know it's cool to break the rules of fashion, but there is an element of common sense that still needs to be applied. Like stay warm or you might get the flu/look redonkulous.

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