November 11, 2008

Green Smoothies: The Evidence

{you may want to click this one for a close up to see just how much spinach there really is in there. It's an entire bunch. A really big bunch.}
Spinach + Milk= Green Slop of Goodness.
Do not drink at this point. Please. You will be mad at me.

Slop o' Goodness+Banana+Blueberries+Mango+Strawberries+etc.

Blended into a wonderful purple Smoothie!

Wife Tested, Husband Approved.

P.S. Christmas present crafting has started! First, the little ones back home.
Who doesn't need some cozy mittens? And they are so small and adorable... and only took like an hour to make one!


ma said...

So amazingly cute! Who ever gets those mittens is one lucky kid! By the way, Rosie doesn't have thumbs.... (jk)

Vallen Family said...

Those are way cute gloves! You should teach me how to make them! How where the smoothies, really? Where they good? I will have to try them.

Ben and Edlin said...

Hey, totally not related to your article, but its Ben, Edlin's Husband. She told meto leave a comment to get your phone number because she doesn't have it and we would like to hang out with you guys sometime. I leave Jan 8th for basic training so we need to get together at least before then. Later guys!