October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Carving!

We had a great time carving pumpkins last night! We had some friends over to share in the amazingness of it all. Jed and Ali, Chris and Hanna, Ben and Erica and Ethan, Heidi and Zach (or is it Zak? I should ask), Tommy and Tara, Nathan, and Justin and I all got gucky and made some amazing pumpkins.

Here's a few pictures!

It took everyone a bit to decide on what they were going to carve. (That's why I think it out weeks in advance.)

Nathan made a Teddy Bear, Hanna carved leaves all over hers, and Chris made some kind of graveyard, hand sticking up thing.

Apparently Tara hadn't carved a pumpkin since she was like 12. I was glad she could relive her childhood a bit, and witness Tommy's amazing pumpkin cleaning skills.

Ethan kept begging me to take pictures of him, but wouldn't really say cheese long enough for me to actually snap a picture. He's adorable.

Justin! What a big pumpkin you have! The better to make a googly face with, my dear....

There they all are. Plus flash.

And without the flash!

From left to right:

Top Row: Tara, Tommy, Jed and Ali, Ben, Erica, Hanna, Heidi (behind), Chris.

Bottom Row: Zach, Amanda, Nathan, and Justin.

How fun is that? I've never seen so many pumpkins on anyone's front porch! Check out Heidi's in the upper right corner. Apparently it's some kind of symbol for psychology? And some kind of bed? This girl needs to get out more.

Here's mine! I ended up doing a haunted house because Hanna wanted to do leaves. It was good, because she did way better at leaves than I ever would have. The house was ok, but it was kind of hard to carve detail because all I had was a steak knife... Pumpkin carving tools are lame, and they break so easily, we didn't buy any this year. But maybe we should have.

And I know no one was expecting this, right? Haha. Here's Justin's famous googly face pumpkin with extra drool. It's become a Halloween staple, ever since we started dating. It's a good one though. When you have found ther perfect pumkin face, there's no need to ever try a new one!

So, yeah, it was a lot of fun. And I made some yummy treats, like pumpkin bread and pumpkin custard with gingersnaps (again!). We were sad that Mike and Kim couldn't come, but Mike's family is in town.

As a side note, Chris got a 164 on his LSAT! That's a really awesome score, and so now he can get into law school and they can stay here in Utah with us for a while! We're uber excited about that...

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