October 26, 2008

Sunday Evening

We had an absolutely wonderful Sunday....

Hobbes sqeezed in his "fourth nap" on my leg. Lately, he's really liking his belly to be rubbed. Usually he lays down, then flops over to his back. He's definitely a fatty, but we love him anyway.

This is our awesome new computer! As you can see, we haven't gotten a desk yet. Maybe next paycheck. It's great though, andmy favorite part is that it has a slot for my XD camera card! Uploading pictures just got about 5 steps easier. Notice the nice tangle of cords in the back. That will be fixed shortly. After we get a desk. For now my cookbook collection is a sufficient stand-in.

We went for a walk today...

at Spanish Fork River Park.

Obviously it's more of a stream than a river. They often get those confused out here. (They don't really know what rivers are. There isn't that much water out here)

Justin likes to climb things. Especially if they are hanging over chilly rushing water.

"Oh, Look!" Not sure what he's looking at, but it must've been cool. Or maybe he was patronizing me because I wanted him to look cute in a picture.

There was a tree stump. And isn't my new sweater so cute? I got it 50% off at this sweet skate store in the mall. It's very cozy and warm too.

Down by the river...

Does that mean there isn't any toilets or running water? Or does it mean that's where the primates camp? It kind of looks like monkey writing...

Did you know we lived next to a wind farm? Well, now you know.

Shower + Sunday Afternoon= no makeup. And wispy hair+wind= Justin's face gets covered up.

See? I'm good at math...

I love the fall, and today was such a nice day to get out for a walk!

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