October 25, 2008

Hey there Mr. Policeman!

The much anticipated pictures! I am so proud of Justin! This is a huge accomplishment for him, and a big step for us. He has worked really hard, gotten really buff, and now he'll get to start a fun new job on Monday!
Some things he learned in the academy:
  1. He wants a dog.
  2. How to drive really really fast, and which tire squeals are bad, and which ones are good.
  3. How to shoot a gun. Really accurately. (He qualified with his department on the first try, without even practicing. The Seargent was impressed!)
  4. If you don't check deep in their pockets, they could have something hidden there. Like a handcuff key.
  5. If someone pulls a big knife on you, shoot them fast.
  6. Don't ever lose focus.

Here he is, all spiffed up! He's started shining his shoes like a mad man. I can't complain.

Here's the whole class. I think there were around 40 or 50? You can count them if you want. Justin is in the second row on the right side. Some of their instructors are in there too.

Repeating the Code of Ethics.

Standing at attention in line to get his certificate. (He's so cute!)

He received his certificate from Seargent Nelson from the Utah County Sherrif's Dept. The people to the right are super high ranking people, but I don't know the exact details...

(John) Thomas, Seargent Nelson, and Justin. Thomas is the other guy going to Utah county with Justin.

I'm so proud of him! (I know I've said that like 30 times, but I really am!)

Apparently Chris has been really really bored lately, so when we mentioned in passing that Justin's graduation was on Thursday, he jumped on the opportunity to get out of the house. I think. Either that, or he was just being a really good friend, or both. We were really glad he could be there!

Justin and (David) Mitchell

Justin and (Clint?) Brobrowski

It was a really cool experience, and we are excited to see where this profession takes us! I'm confident that Justin will be an excellent Police officer!
And I always try to keep my promises! Luckily, I got our new computer hooked to the internet this morning! I'll post pictures of costco soon. I have some saturday morning baking to do!

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ma said...

We are so proud of Justin!!! I can't wait to hear all of the stories of car chases, body slams, hand cuffing, rescuing kitties from big trees, throwing candy at the christmas parade....