October 8, 2008

I wunt thayt.

Yep- a little between-class time has again led me to the beautiful internet world. And of course, as usual, I end up looking at the cutest antiques/handmade stuff/other stuff that ever existed. And it's hard to resist the urge to tell you what cute stuff I found. I will resist no longer.


Hand quilted, vintage queen/full sized quilt from PonyParty on etsy. I Love it, and it's only $85.00!! It's probably a great thing for me that I don't have any money, because otherwise I'd spend it on ridiculously beautiful/cute things that that.

And like this:
At $240.00, I'm not sure they're worth going without food and power for a month, but it sure is fun to look at them....

I'm sure that when I'm out of school, and have a little bit more time in the evenings, I'll have time to do all of the craft projects I've been dying to do for so long. Not to mention bake a ton and perfect several recipes that are in the holding stage of my recipe box... Ahhh.... Will those days ever really come? Or do they just remain elusive until you make them a reality by force? I hear that I'll have more time than I ever will right now, but I find that hard to believe considering that I leave at 7:00 in the morning, get home at 7:30 in the evening, and then start doing laundry, cooking dinner, and doing any homework I have. But I've really gone off on a tangent.

Back to cute stuff.

I've been wanting to do this:

for a number of months. I think it'd be so fun to do one of both Justin and I, and maybe even our cats. I'd like it to be a little bit bigger, and on paper that is slightly less whimsical. I thought it would be cute to put behind our bed, and it kind of has a bit of a vintage feel. Whenever I see silhouettes, I think of the picture that is in my Grandma and Papa's hallway going upstairs, where they have their whole family, and I believe a dog and a cat, as a silhouette. It's way cool, and I think this is a neat way to jazz it up a bit!

I worked on my paper cutting skills when I was in my art class this spring. I think I'm pretty ok with an Xacto knife, and silhouettes are going to be much easier than what I did before. If you want a how-to DIY and other ridiculously cute examples of silhouettes, then go here to one of my favorite design blogs, Design*Sponge. A link to her home page is on the left. Let me know if you have any cute/non-cheesy craft ideas! I need to add to my collection...


ma said...

I asked grandma about that silouette picture. I am pretty sure its in the basement getting dusty. She said I could have it!:) Thanks for reminding me of it! I love it as well! I remember posing for it! Uncle Gordon made it for us.

Manda McDaniel said...

So cool! I can't believe she put it in the basement... Can I put my name on that after you? hahaha....