October 9, 2008

Dreamhouse: Found

I had to do an assignment for a class (Housing the Family, SFL 230) where we find a floor plan that would be proficient for use from newly wed to nearly dead. And I found it. And it happens to be the house I've always dreamed of.

It doesn't have a basement, and if I were to have it built, I would definitely want a basement. This particular company is building in North Carolina, and I believe that the soil is too sandy and the water level is too high to build any basements there. But in West Virginia, we have perfect soil for basements...

Take a gander:
Notice the floor plan and how perfect it is. I've always dreamed of living in a cozy little cottage-style house on the beach. I'm not going to live near the beach anytime soon, but there's no reason I couldn't take a bit of that style with me where I do go.

I'm not into big houses. There's no reason I'd ever want to pay to have, heat/cool, and clean a bunch of space that is never used. There are so many more things I'd do with the extra money I didn't spend on that formal dining room, or study, or whatever. I want every space to be used almost every day. I want enough space so I don't feel crowded, but not more than I would always use. And yes, our kids are going to share rooms. End of story.

There's bar dining, a decent sized kitchen, a large front porch, fireplace, a screen porch on the back, and an additional porch off the master bedroom. Would heaven be anything other than that? Maybe if it had windowboxes filled with bright red geraniums. That would be heaven.

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