September 17, 2008

Sometimes I wonder

if my brain really works.

Today I woke up at the usual 6:15. I took a shower, got dressed, fed the cats, and was running late, so I skipped breakfast. My class starts at 8, and they always do a quiz at the beginning, so I can't be late. I drive very safely to school, find a parking spot a mile away (practically) and run up to campus, up 9 flights of stairs, and across a good part of campus to the building where my class is.

I get to the room about 5 minutes early (perfect!), but no one is there!
I think:
"Was class cancelled? There's a girl in there with caution tape (there really was), maybe the room broke or something and they had to cancel class. They could've put a note on blackboard, and didn't check it last night... hmm. I bet class was cancelled."

I begin to call Tommy (I have that class with him-- fun!) to ask if I missed something, or how he and everyone else knew class was canceled today.

Then it finally dawns on me:

I don't have classes on Thursday mornings.

Great. All that running, rushing, and non-breakfasting for nothing. Not to mention it's my one day to sleep in. I'm crazy. I look forward to this day all week...

At least I got my paper done. :^(

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JAG said...

Oh no! That's the worst!