September 16, 2008


My mom is coming out in two weeks from yesterday, and I'm really excited! It's always so much fun when she comes. It makes me feel like I have a friend! And I haven't seen her since May, when I went home for Tommy's graduation.

I figured I better be organized about the activities I'm going to make her participate in while she's here, because I need to cram in as much fun into 51/2 days as possible....

Here's a list:

Cook alot. So far, we have decided on making risotto, bread, many smoothies, and maybe experimenting a bit with some other things like sugarless cookies and muffins, and maybe bagels too. Ok. so we didnt' decide on that, I did. This list might be revised later.

Grind some wheat. She wants to see my wheat grinder in action. It's amazing, so I don't blame her. I'd be jealous of me too. (Too bad she gave it to me instead of buying herself a new one. I'm sooo glad she did that though.)

Eat Gelato. OK. I made this one up too. But there is a gelato place on center street that I cannot quit called maestros. It's amazing, although my Italian flexibility teacher (Italian teacher of flexibility, not teacher of Italian flexibility) says it's not authentic. (who cares.... I've never had the real thing, so...) This will most likely be my sugar splurge of the week. (I'm apologizing in advance.)

Go to class. This is an unfortunate side effect of being in college. No days off. Not even for your mom. Unless you skip, which is always an option (although I'd never do that.... lol).

Go shooting. I might skip this part, but she says she wants to go shooting with Justin. He thought that was pretty great. I hate loud noises, so- maybe I'll go into work that day and give them a little bonding time.

Eat crushed ice. She will no longer get dehydrated at my house because our water is warm. Sorry about that :)

Hang pictures/get my house looking like a house, and not haven for minimalists. I'm not a fan of clutter, but it's driving me crazy not to have things on my walls. I think that's really one of the big things that makes a place feel like home. Lucky for me, my mom is great at making places feel like homes.

I'm sure this list will change in the next 13 days, but it's a good start...

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