September 17, 2008

More Good News! (pass it on please...)

As some of you know, I work for a Women's clothing company called the ModBod. We make modest clothing for women and girls, and I must say, it's fantastic stuff. Not only because I work there, but because I honestly love the product and find it so much nicer than any of the other brands out there (and competetively priced).

I work in marketing, and recently we have found out some very very exciting news!

We're going to be in COSTCO and SAM'S CLUB!!!

We've been working on this for a while, but we've finally been scheduled for our first "road show" (you have to do roadshows before you actually become a regular product there). This is a huge and exciting step for us, and something that we've been working hard for.

SO. I just wanted to let everyone in the Utah Valley area know, and to ask that you please let all of your friends and family know as well, that we are going into Costco on the 23rd of October! We'll be there for 10 days, and we hope that it's a great success! This is honestly your best chance to get the highest quality products for the least amount of money. (lots of superlatives there...)

Anyway, spread the word! I swear by these shirts. I have over 40 of them myself (I get a great employee discount....) and I wear them everyday, even when I'm not at work. If you want to try one, let me know, and I can get it a lot cheaper for you (see the link below for styles and such)! I'm always happy and excited to spread the good word of the ModBod.

To see more of the products and our slightly out-dated web site (we've been busy... give us a break), go here!

FYI, we're having a sale on 3/4 sleeve v's right now- 20% off, so take advantage!

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