September 21, 2008

everyday is an adventure...

We've been in the market for a new couch for about two weeks now. We've been to almost all of the local furniture stores looking for the right thing for the right price. What we found there was that doesn't exist. I guess you could say I'm a bit particular when it comes to spending money. I'm not just going to throw down a wad of cash on the first thing I kind of like. Even if it's the right price. If it's not exactly right, and not cheap enough, I'd rather go without. This particularness has actually saved me a lot of money, and I believe it will continue to serve me that way.

I decided that if there wasn't anything out there in our price range that was new and nice and comfortable and not old-lady looking, then I'd find one used! I looked on the local classifieds (KSL- it's awesome) and low an behold, within about 5 minutes, I found the couch of my dreams. A tan chenille sectional, down stuffed, and under a year old! I could tell from the picture that it was coming from a very nice house, which signaled to me that the lady was just getting rid of it to make room for a new one. My suspicions were confirmed later.

She was asking over a thousand dollars for it, but I emailed her and asked if she's take 400 less, and sure enough, she was fine with that!

So yesterday, we did some fanagling and managed to trick Chris and Hanna Peterson into going up to Layton with us, (about an hour and fifteen minutes away) with their little SUV. We also borrowed Mike Keay's monster truck, and headed up. We got to the mansion, wound through the hallways into the basement, and saw the beautiful couch. Just as I pictured, except a little bigger. Oh well! It's perfect in every other way. We started loading it up, just as it started raining.

It was a pretty tight squeeze, but we managed to get it loaded up in the vehicles.
Chris and Hanna were happy the whole time. Thank goodness because Justin and I were getting a bit frustrated with rain, bungees, and flying blankets...
It was a bit of a booger getting the old couch into the basement.
Direct quote from Hanna:

"If I was stronger, this would be done by now!"

ain't it the truth...
Dar she be.
a real beaut.


Megan said...

Ohhhh that couch looks so cozy! Love it!

Jed said...

thats sweet!