September 15, 2008


So on Saturday I had my one month anniversary of giving up Diet Coke.


I have done it for a month. Aren't you proud?

I'm pretty proud of myself! I wish I could say I don't even want to drink it anymore, but there are so many times when I find myself craving a tall dark glass of something sweet. Hmm. But mind over matter has prevailed, and I'm living to tell the tale. I've only been drinking water and milk because I want to eliminate artificial colors and flavors too.

I have to say, though, that the green smoothies have helped me, because if I'm really wanting something sweet to drink..... BAM.
Vitamin packed, guilt free sweetness in my mouth. (I seriously double dog dare everyone to try one of those. The instructions are two posts ago...)

On another note, I've tried my hand this week at giving up sugar. I haven't been as successful at going cold-turkey on this one, but I did go sugar free all the way until Saturday. We played at a local park with some friends, and afterward everyone wanted to go to Sonic. SO... you can guess what happened. 1 Chocolate-Banana shake later, I was feeling kind of guilty, but I figure that it's better to only have it once a week than 5 or 6 times a week... I was thinking that this would be my one splurge this week.

Unfortunately the story doesn't end here.

Last night I wasn't feeling so good, so of course, I reverted to my old friend, Breyers Vanilla Bean ice cream. I tricked myself into feeling better about it by putting mangos on top. I know though, that this is no good. I think it will be easier once I get all the crappy food out of my house. (Is this me justifying my poor behavior? Or giving myself permission to further indulge? no.) But it's really hard to ward off a craving for something when you have it screaming at you from in the freezer.

I vow to stop buying junk. Especially junk with sugar. It's not TF friendly anyway. maybe sometime soon I can make my own ice cream with maple syrup and pecans. That's allowed, and it sounds Oh so yummy...

One last confession. Since I'm trying to cut out refined sugar, thing like raw honey, maple syrup, and molasses are ok in moderation. I found myself on Tuesday eating about 4 pieces of bread covered in honey (the yummy sourdough I made last weekend!). I don't think that's the point. But I'm working on it...

If you want to read about the evils of sugar, go here (once again, found on megan's blog. sorry to copy so much). It seems a bit like propoganda, but it's all sourced, which makes it reliable to me. If you find anything else interesting, or even something to the contrary, let me know.

And don't judge my pathetic efforts, please. : )

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Megan said...

It's so funny, because I just finished writing about my love affair with sugar and then checked your blog. It's so hard, huh?! Ugh!