August 6, 2008

A Few More...

Here's a few more pictures- my mom needed to see a little more of the house... Sorry if it's a total bore to the rest of you!!!

These are our appliances. I'm pretty excited about a flat top stove- I hear they're nice and easy to clean.

This is the little storage area under the stairs... It's kind of silly the things that I get excited about, but I really am looking forward to having so many nooks and crannies and closets to put stuff in. Not that we have that much stuff, but at least the things we have will always have a place now!

Here's another view of the family room/front door from the kitchen.

From inside our room, looking out into the hallway at the linen closet. the stairs are to the left.

yet another picture of the living room.

This is the basement. It's divided into two areas, with the water heater and furnace in back. We'd really like to finish it soon and make this a den area so we dont have to have the tv upstairs, etc.

This is our house number/garage door. We actually have a door opener! Yay...


Christine said...

I just love the new digs...congrats!

JAG said...

I can't wait to see it in person! This is so exciting!! :)