August 6, 2008

(Sneak Preview!)

Just in case anyone didn't know, we're buying a townhouse! We are planning to move in on the 22nd of this month. It's brand new, but is already built and ready for us to go! We're just waiting for my summer semester of school to be over so I have time to pack and unpack everything just as I like...
It's in Spanish Fork, UT, close to the border of Mapleton, off Highway 6 (if anyone is familiar with the area). The community is called Maple Mountain, and seems to be a very nice, young neighborhood. We are moving into a "phase A" home, so there is still a lot of building to go on around us, but we are hoping that will help to improve our equity faster. It has 3 levels, including an unfinished basement. There are 3 bedrooms, and 2.5 baths- so if anyone wants to come and visit... hahaha.
We are super excited, and can't wait to have a little more space, and have it be our own! We're also looking forward to a bit less busy area, and more peace and quiet.
Here's some pictures we took when we went down last weekend.

This is the kitchen/living room/stairway. The downstairs is really nice and open, which makes it feel a bit bigger than it is.

This is the doorway to our bedroom. The pictures I took from inside make it look really small. It's about 3 times bigger than our room right now (which isn't saying much...) But I'm really excited that we'll actually have a BEDROOM DOOR! and not only 1, but 2!!! AHH! What will I do with myself?

This is the view from the top of the steps. Straight ahead is the guest bathroom. To the left is the linen closet. kitty corner is a bedroom, and there is another one hiding behind the linen closet. The laundry room (is upstairs!!) is kitty corner to the right. our bedroom is directly to the right, out of the picture.

Justin had 2 requirements: Central Air and a Garage. Luckily, he got both. We are so excited to have a garage and a small driveway, because we don't have to worry about whos parking space is whos, and we can keep the elements off of our cars.

This is our front door- it's not much, but we're excited that we have one. hahaha.

I'm not sure what our new address will be yet, but when we know, we'll tell you all!
Thanks for being excited with us! (This is ours here on the end.)

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