May 7, 2013

Recent Things

We had some friends come visit from out of town!  The Brian and Justin met at an internship at the UT State Capitol in 2008.  Five years later, we each have two kids, that are almost exactly the same age and opposite genders!  We have to make a lot of 'jokes' about arranged marriages, etc.  
We love them, and it was so great to get together and catch up!  It was an added bonus that Tori and Ollie got along so well!

 Ollie and Tori

 Aeris and PJ

 Ollie's Easter basket!  The Easter Bunny dropped some eggs on the stairs, and Ollie thought that was the funniest thing ever.  He was talking about it for weeks.
 Easter girlies.
 Ollie picked me a flower!
 Those thighs!

 Ollie and Tori again.
 The Nielsens

 While Tommy and Kassi were here, we worked on a little project...



Reading a book in his rocking chair

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