March 27, 2013

6 Months

The time goes by too quickly!  I love this age!  Sleeping through the night, giggles, starting to sit up and playing more with toys.  She is still not into solid foods, but thats just fine with me.  I can't put into words how sweet she is!  How much joy she brings into our home!  I feel love just gushing out of her, and I think others are drawn to her because of that too. 

Or maybe they just like really cute babies.

And I hope it hasn't seemed like I've forgotten Ollie!  
He gets a blue ribbon for being the Best Big Brother.  He is always trying to smother her with kisses and love, and is anxious to help me bathe her, get her toys, and make her giggle.  His vocabulary has just exploded recently.  He already talked a lot, but he's more descriptive now, telling stories (real and imagined), describing things, and singing.  

The singing! 
 It makes my heart sing to hear it.  He loves his "Cow Song" from the Philadelphia Chickens CD, and we've listened to that CD more times than any normally functioning and non-psychotic person should be capable of.  His other favorites are "Something in my Shoe" by Raffi, and the Arthur theme song.  

Ollie's imagination is going crazy.  We play "don't step in the lava", farm animals, and cooking, all with elaborate back stories and plots.  And when I'm busy he plays with his imaginary friends, Peak, Pock, and Gock.

I love being a mom.  I love my kids!  
Boy, it's hard sometimes.  But is there anything better? 

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