August 11, 2011

New favorite

I bought this album from iTunes yesterday, and it is awesome. I so rarely buy new music, but if it's Eddie Vedder, then I don't have a choice.

It just reaffirms my deep and unabashed love of Eddie Vedder. The album is all acoustic ukelele songs, a few covers, but mostly original, and is very chill. I love Pearl Jam, but I love Eddie's solo stuff more because it's very relaxed. And awesome.

I could listen to it all day. Oh wait, I already have.

Here's a preview.

But really, all the songs are this good.

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Emily@Little Forever Family said...

I have never heard of him until today. Not living with all my siblings and not really listening to music stations on the radio have made it to where I am not exposed as much to other genres of music than what plays on the Pandora stations I have and what happens to already be on my IPOD. Thanks for sharing!