August 11, 2011


My mom and I did some canning while I was home. Some things were tried and true (Jam, Peach Butter, and Canned Peaches), and other things were an experiment (Corn, Dry Beans, Chicken). I didn't get a picture of the chicken, which is OK because it wasn't the prettiest thing ever, but MAN WAS IT GOOD. I can't wait to get back there and use her mother-of-a-pressure canner to work up our food storage a little.

Don't you wish you had a mom like mine? She is the best.


Rebecca said...

It all looks gorgeous. Would she consider giving lessons?

Jen, Jenny, Jennifer said...

That all looks so great! One of these days I need my mom to clea her schedule and teach me how to can. We'll have an "official" place for our food storage once the basement is done.