June 22, 2011

Bad Request

I have been trying for weeks now to update this blog, but for some reason, the photo uploader isn't working. It is very frustrating. I have lots of pictures to share, from my Mom's visit, and Justin's 28th birthday, but I haven't been able to get them up. Has anyone else been having this problem? (It says "Bad Request" every time I try to upload them.)

Oh well.

In the meantime, Justin turned 28 (old man!!). I bought him a pair of Vibram barefoot running shoes, as he's started to get into barefoot running to hopefully aleviate some of his Bursa issues. So far so good! He's back up to 4 miles without any pain, so I'd say it's working well. I just have to make sure he doesn't jump the gun too quickly and hurt himself. He's antsy to be running long distances again.

Justin's first father's day was good too. We spend the day at home, grilled and roasted marshmallows on the stove (it was raining by then). It was a nice relaxing day. I got him a light set for his bike so he's a little safer while he's riding all over tarnation at night time. (He alternates bike riding with running because he's a little obsessive compulsive and fidgety.)

Ollie started walking! So far he takes 3 or 4 steps max, but he's getting better all the time, and more brave. He's honing in his climbing skills as well, and manages to make it from the couch to the computer desk (a 1 1/2 foot gap), up onto the couch and onto our bed (sometimes). He also still is obsessed with the dishwasher. Whenever we are washing dishes, he makes a mad dash over to us, and tries to climb up and/or pull everything out.

He's started drinking from a sippy cup a little better, and LOVES ice.

His new thing is playing 'telephone', where we put random objects to our ears and have conversations. It's pretty darn cute.

He has a few new teeth. Now there are 4 on the top (two are just barely poking through still), and two on the bottom. Surprisingly, he hasn't been fussy at all with this last batch. I think it's because they're smaller.

I have to say that Ollie is just SO MUCH FUN! He is so cute, and so animated, and gets excited about things. He claps for himself, jibber jabbers all the time, and is just so fun to have around. We take him to the pool, and the park, and on lots of walks, and it is so fun to have such a happy baby that enjoys doing everything. As long as there's something going on and someone paying attention to him, he's happy. He brings so much joy to my life. A lot fo exhaustion too, but a lot of joy!

On another note, Justin's cousin Blake and his wife Lisa welcomed their second little girl yesterday! We are so excited for them and can't wait to meet little Hazel!

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