June 27, 2011

Almost vacation

We had a terrible weekend here- we were all sick as dogs at least 1 day. Our house was a war zone of throw up, ginger ale, and weepy adults. We were very lucky though that Justin and I weren't sick at the same time, and that Ollie got it while I wasn't sick so that we could take turns caring for eachother. I guess that's one of the thousands of perks to being married- having someone to wipe your face and hold your hair back while you're yakking your guts out.


I'm glad this weekend is over.

And now we have a lot of fun things to get ready for and look forward to over the next month! If you're back east, and would like to see us sometime, let us know! We'll be there for a few weeks!


Jen, Jenny, Jennifer said...

Um, YES. Doug and I would definitely like to hang out with you guys. Let's make plans.

Vallen Family said...

We are going to be in DC the weekend of the 15th, will you guys be home by that point? It would be fun to see you guys we could meet up for dinner or something :)