December 20, 2010

Family Pictures!

Justin, Ollie and Ruby humored me for a little bit on Sunday morning and we took some family pictures. I just did them at home with my tripod, which was actually way harder than I expected, because we're cheap, and I don't really want to pay for family pictures. Also, when you do them yourself, you can have a re-do as many times as you need to get the right smile, hair arrangement, etc. I think they turned out Ok. Definitely not professional, but Ollie will be able to see what we looked like, and that's the point.

Also, you can't take your dog to a picture studio.
And whats a family portrait without the Ruby girl?

Various looks of surprise and confusion from Ollie.
Also, "what's that blinking light?! I want it in my mouth NOW!"

Face break.
We got these matching shirts a long time ago because we thought it'd be hilarious to take a picture together in them. After we did it, we decided it just looked stupid.

Ruby carried this block of ice for several miles on a run the other night. Justin said she kept dropping it and stopping because it was too heavy and she was tired. Eventually, Jusitn picked it up and carried it for her, but then she spent the rest of the run jumping beside him to try and get the ice back. She loves her treasures that she finds.

And she has Justin wrapped around her little paw finger.

I was asleep when he let her bring this in the house... I'm assuming it was just for the picture.

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ma said...

oh my...what beautiful pictures. Such a goodlooking family! I'll take a copy.....