November 1, 2010

Grandma Phyllis

Justin's Grandma Phyllis (his Mom's Mom) flew all the way out here from Oklahoma to visit us and the rest of the family that's out here! It was so nice of her to travel all this way. On Saturday we stole her from Aunt Dawn for a few hours, and brought her down to our house for a little bit. We had a really nice time with her, and it was so good to see her! Our paths don't cross very often.

Ollie loved getting to meet his Great Grandma! He was a bundle of smiles and giggles the whole time she was holding him.

We couldn't even get him to look at me to take a picture, he was so entranced with Great Grandma Phyllis. It was adorable!
Thanks for coming to visit us Grandma Phyllis! We hope we can see you again soon!

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