October 26, 2010

Cold Day

Some days I really just don't know what to do with myself. Today is one of those days. It's cold and windy outside (is it ever not windy in Spanish Fork?), so walks aren't very fun for my little babe. For now, I've settled on eating and apple with Peanut Butter while watching Beauty and the Beast (thanks to my thoughtful Mama!) and blogging. We'll see how long the nap lasts.

I really wish I had more friends. My mom is always talking about going to lunch with so-and-so, or meeting up with this or that person. I wish I had people I could call and go to lunch with. The problem is when you only have one friend, and that friend has more friends than just you, you feel bad bugging them all the time to do stuff. Maybe it's just me not being very confident in the idea that someone would actually want to go to lunch with me, or maybe I'm just really bad at making friends.

Anyway, so today it's apples and peanut butter for lunch. And maybe some left over Quinoa.

I'm getting started on Christmas, and honestly the hardest part is not talking with people about what I'm thinking about making. I need to keep it a *SECRET* or it won't be as fun on Christmas. I'm hoping to get ahead a little and have things done sooner than later, but it's kind of hard when I only have about 2 hours of free time a day, and I spend it eating apples and blogging. I might be subconsciously dragging my heels because I really am not ready for it to be winter yet. We still haven't gotten a start date for the job, and the thought of spending another winter here makes me nauseous.

In other news, Ollie is getting cuter and more fun all the time. He's sleeping like a champ now! We usually put him to bed around 9, he gets up to eat around 4:30, and then is up for the day at 7 or 7:30! I could survive if we continued this forever. But a solid night sleep is still an exciting prospect. I would say that this is great because it actually gives Justin and I a little time sans child in the evening, but he's been running like a maniac lately, so after he puts O to bed, he heads out for his evening run. If I were to wait up for him, I'd be waiting close to 2 hours, so I generally just go to bed and savor the extra sleep. Maybe some day we'll get a treadmill, and I can sit and talk to him while he runs in the nice warm inside.

I am SO PROUD of him though- he's gotten his mile time down to about a 7'30" mile, when he runs 4 miles. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!?! I want him to time his fastest sprinting mile, because I'm sure it will be much lower. He hasn't done that yet though. But seriously, that's almost 1/2 what I'm sure my mile time is, although I haven't timed myself lately (ahem. because I don't exercise very much...) Also, the other day, his resting heart rate was in the 30s. THE THIRTIES. Mine is like 85 or something. He's crazy. And a little obsessive. But I'd rather him be healthy and obsessed any day.

Ollie has become very vocal lately. He's been a talker for some time now, but over the last week or two, he's really started the babbling. It's adorable, and only makes him even cuter than he already is. My favorite thing, and I think his too, is bed time. Justin has a great routine, and puts him to bed every night. It is so fun for me to sit in bed and listen to the two of them talking and giggling and squealing at one another. Justin is so good with him, and you can just tell that he loves his Dad so much. Whenever we go out, I always carry him (like in the store, or wherever) because he doesn't like being in his car seat very much. I used to carry him in the Moby, and still do if it's nap time, but he's finally big enough for the front pack, and loves facing out and checking out the world. I carry him around a lot of the day as well, and he is as happy as a lark while I'm doing dishes, vaccuuming, etc., which is a huge blessing.

Well, I hope thats enough of an update for now. Its easier and cuter to just post pictures all the time, but I know I need to actually write some things once in a while... So I'm good for another month, right?


Rachel said...

I'm your friend! Lets have lunch.

Jamie, Lindsey and baby Khloe said...

We're moving down there! So we can do lunch too! I'm pretty bad at making friends myself, it makes things suck sometimes.

ma said...

I really think not feeling like you are putting roots down in Utah has kept you from seeking and developing friendships. You have so much to offer. There are many good friends in your future...start seeking them out. And you always have your family....I am your #1 fan!

Edlin said...

amanda! i am your friend! we should go to lunch sometime. and you need to bring ollie by the studio so i can take some pictures!

BrainandHeather said...

Hello call me I am always up for a lunch date!! I'm serious! Even if we don't go out we can just chill at one of our houses and have lunch.

Justin said...

I love you.

Michael and Kyndra said...

First-I was eating an apple with peanut butter while I read this.
Second-I am very impressed with Justin and I read that part to Mike and he is jealous.
Third-I totally know what you mean about needing more friends. Especially friends who are home during the day. But it just so happens, I am home every day so let's get together! Going out to lunch is tough for me because of Lizzy's naptime, but we could do something else!