June 21, 2010


Still 1 cm. and now 70% effaced. I'm trying not to lose my mind.

I'm hoping I won't feel so crazy tomorrow.

If you say the words "over due" I might bite your head off. Or walk in the other direction.

Consider this a fair warning.


alyssa said...

oh amanda keep your head up! i'll pray for him to pop.

gran said...

you are still progressing...you are still several days before your due date...there is still time for castor oil...(JUST KIDDING)...he will come soon...don't fret...stay busy...i'll be there soon...ollie and I are racing...hang in there...it will all be over soon!

Rachel said...

I've got to tell you that walking up and down the stairs south of BYU campus does a fair job in getting things to progress... But only if your desperate and you have a patient husband on hand. :) Good luck with everything!

Coty said...

hmmm...sounds familiar.

it'll all be over soon.

hang in there mama.

moandozzy said...

Oh man, sounds familiar. I give you permission to kick anyone who tells you to walk. (Yes, it will give you contractions, but they stop when you stop . . . . so unless you plan on giving birth while walking . . . . ) Austin says you can wait and have him on the 4th for his birthday. ;) Maybe you're at the hospital now!