April 14, 2010


So I guess nesting has kicked in a bit, and I have been working to get the nursery put together. We're almost down to 10 weeks left, so I figure that I better take advantage of my energy now, because who knows what I'll be feeling like in a few weeks. So here's the nursery! It's not finished yet, obviously. I still need a curtain, and the glider my parents got us is in our room right now because it's just so dang comfortable... Folding laundry is a little more bareable when I'm in that chair. I'd also like to find a white bookshelf... I've been scouring craigslist for that, but you have to be patient with those things.

Other than that, here it is. I'll give you the quick run down:

The pictures are all from the book The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney. It's a beautiful book, and this year's Caldecott award winner. It was just the right colors, and I love the animal/jungle scenes. I tried to match everything to those pictures.

The crib and changing table are hand-me-downs from a great friend. Aren't we so lucky? We totally are. And on top of that, my Dad built an indestructible crate to send it out here in, then it was kept at a family friend's house in Woodland Hills for 9 months, then brought to SLC for a week in the back of Chris and Hanna's car. They got a flat tire, and since the spare was under the crib/changing table holy grail of a box and crate, Chris pumped his SUV tire up with a bike pump, and drove carefully to the nearest car place. Then they brought it down here on Saturday, and Chris, Justin, and another friend Jamie all put it together. Needless to say, there was a lot of work and effort that went into getting us this crib and changing table set, and we really appreciate it. Thank you Thank you Thank you ALL.

I'm in the process of sewing liners for the baskets on the changing table. Also, I bought another basket to go where the box of diapers is (They didn't all fit like I expected). The liners are avocado green duck cloth, and I think they will look really nice, and give the room just a little more color. After those are done, then I can start putting away the clothes and diapers and other things. Right now though the baskets are too scratchy and splintery, and I really wouldn't want splinter in Ollie's clothes.

Speaking of clothes, I have them all washed, folded, and sorted by size, with Ruby's help. He's gonna be such a stud.

The last picture is of our awesome STROLLER that we got in the mail yesterday from Soon-To-Be Great Grandfather Poppy and Soon-To-Be Great Grandma Maureen! Isn't it AMAZING?! I wanted one that was a little more rugged, and that would be good for walking and hiking along trails once we move back to WV. I can't wait for Bolivar Heights, Murphey Farm, the Canal Path, and all those other places that would just not be passable in a tiny-wheeled stroller. Oliver is going to love nature as much as his Momma does. And when he gets muddy or dirty or goes for a dip in the river, never fear: the entire inside is machine washable.

It's been really really fun to put the nursery together. When I found out we were probably moving (still haven't heard anything definite though), I was kind of sad at the prospect of maybe not getting to put a nursery together. But we decided to do it anyway. It is fun, and I feel so much better knowing that Ollie has a place for us to bring him home to. He won't use it much at first, but at least there's a space for him, and we're ready for him to get here.

Now if the next 10 weeks could just speed up a bit...


aandkhousewright said...

so fun and so cute! that stroller is amazing! i, for one, sure hope you end up back east soon so i can see you (and baby ollie) when i'm home visiting!

Emily@Little Forever Family said...

So cute Amanda!!! I love the pictures and seriously that is probably the nicest hand-me-down set I have seen! It is fun doing the little things that make you feel like there will be an end to pregnancy. Ollie is one lucky little guy!!!

Hanna said...

I LOVE what you did with the pictures!!!! It looks great! So creative.

stevenellie said...

Cute nursery. I really like the pictures you've hung up. What a neat idea to hang pictures from a fable/story. Might have to steal it. ;) I'm trying to find something for the wall above our crib.

nate&amanda said...

Kyndra Lund sent me a link to your blog to check out the onesies you painted and they are super cute!Also i wanted to let you know that I live near DC and went camping in harpers Harpers Ferry last summer and loved it. I am also due with a baby boy just a few weeks before you, so when you do move back here we should be friends. (I'm not as weird as that made me sound)

McDaniel Family said...

I love the Nursery. It looks so great.