January 19, 2010

Numero Dos

I made this one last Thursday, but never took a picture of it. I like it much better.

This is the best way to nap on a Saturday, when your sinuses are threatening to explode right inside of your head. Luckily, they didn't.
But my skin aches did go away thanks to my heating pads: 1 Feline, 1 K9, 1 Electrical.
That was my second nap in as many days. I guess it was a bad cold.

1 comment:

ma said...

SO CUTE! Love it! How did you get to be so talented? This talent skipped a couple generations, you got it from your grandmother Mabel Reading Cox. She would be so proud. And how do you train Ruby to snuggle you like this? I want a snuggler...what do I do wrong?