November 17, 2009

A Memory

I love this song from the Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack (which is amazing by the way). The entire CD just makes me think of home, but this song especially reminds me of good times.
Although I've always known all the words, I never really paid much attention to them until I was singing it this morning, and I really think it's fitting for Justy and I. We've danced maybe 3 times since we've been together, but one of those times was while we were dating. We were cooking in the kitchen, and this song came on, and I made Justin spin me around and pretend he knew how to dance. I think my mom walked in on us, which turned out to be funny. It's a good memory I have.

It makes me happy, so I figured I'd share it with you!


Jenny said...

Very cute! It's funny... Doug and I have only danced like 3 times since we've been married as well. We danced more before we were married at stake dances.

mom said...

Thanks for helping this old brain to pull out some wonderful memories... I feel all warm inside!