July 6, 2009

This couldn't wait.

Liam is 9. This morning, he came over from across the street to see if we had any string so that he could tie it to a door and yank out a loose tooth. Little did he know, my mom loves teeth, pulling teeth out, and helping little kids be adventurous and brave.

Here's what ensued:

He was happy to have that out, and this was totally hilarious and made my day. He was so brave! Most little kids only talk about it, but he just tied that thing on and stood there while my mom slammed the door. It was great.

Liam, I hope the tooth fairy treats you well!

P.S. My mom is brave too. I could never rip a kids tooth out like she can. She's good at it, and helped me with many-a-tooth. It always feels so much better to have that thing out than to let it wiggle around...


Vallen Family said...

Oh, he is brave! That was a funny story

The G Fam said...

Wow!!! That is VERY brave (and pretty cool that your Mom loves that!)