July 8, 2009

"A book is good company." -Henry Ward Beecher

Everyone in my family is pretty smart. That's kind of a fact (not boasting or anything, promise). It seems like I'm the least so of them all, but when I was younger I always felt like I had a huge jump on life. Now, I attribute this to many things, including my mom staying home with us, and her instillation of a love of reading! We love to read, all of us, and we've read a lot. We always participated in summer reading programs, read before bed every night, and were read to, practically since we were born.

While I was at home this past week, I noticed something...

My parents have a lot of books.

I mean a lot.

And they're everywhere.

All throughout the house.

There's pretty much one withing reaching distance, no matter where you are. And if it's not reaching distance, it's 2 reaching distances.

And I'm pretty sure my mom has read almost all of them.
Even I can remember reading about 1/3, which is enough to keep you busy for many many summers. 18 perhaps?

I love it. I think it's so awesome that so much knowledge is right there all the time. Now I don't feel bad about the boxes I've accrued already.

Even next to the bed, on the nightstand, you have to have at least 20 within reach, because you never know how tough it's going to be to get to sleep.

Yup. They're all over the place. Books on anything you can think of.
Oh- and did I mention we like puzzles?

Yeah. We've done those at least a million times each, I'd say.


Megan said...

Love it. We just had to buy a new bookshelf for all of my books. What's better than lots and lots and lots of books? Not much.

The G Fam said...

I remember spending the night and reading Nancy Drew books! I too love to read, and even though Mike loves to read too, thinks it is weird I LOVE to purchase more and more books!

aandkhousewright said...

we need to borrow some of those puzzles for the beach!!! although the beach is a lot different now that we have kids -- not so much gaming, puzzling, sunning, or relaxing, but still a lot of fun -- in a different sort of way.

mom said...

Oh my... your sweet sentiments warm my heart so much. But now the world has seen my nightstand...its all worth it if I have given you a love of books. Thanks for validating me in so many ways!