July 17, 2009

It's coming together!

So yesterday was the Moms Who Make It conferences, and I have nothing to say, except WOW. And HOLY CRAP. (pardon the french.)

I never knew I didn't know so much. Actually, I had an incling of it, but now I'm super, positively sure.

SO, I have a lot of work to do! If any of you know a twitter expert, social bookmarking expert, or budding photographer looking to expand his portfolio, PLEASE let me know!

Meanwhile, I'm going to be setting up my site, making more veils, more hair pieces (is there anything else I can call those? Combs? Accessories? I want it to sound fancy. Not like a Toupe), and getting registered on some other sites, like Twitter.

Yes, I'm now a twit. I resisted it for so long, but yesterday really opened my eyes to the amazing-ness of networking online, and the huge world of people that those sites can connect me to. If' you're on, you can follow me at @luckiepennie.

Not on? Go ahead an join! You can be friends with John Mayyyyeeeer... AND, I'll direct message you often, so we can both feel cool. Not to mention, you can know what I'm doing at all times.

Sorry posts have been light lately. I had the crazy idea that being home would give me more time to do things like read. And blog. That was wrong. I've been working non-stop on getting my house in ship-shape, and making samples, getting the business registered with the IRS, UT Dept. of Commerce, and City of Spanish Fork, setting up my web site, and all the other crazy amounts of odds and ends that come with starting a business. I'll keep you posted on the progress though!

P.S. If you know anyone getting married soon that needs some spiffy headwear for them or their bridesmaids, pass me along! I know you will :)

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Jenny said...

I don't know anyone getting married, but there's a place in the 1st floor of the BYU Wilkinson Center that a lot of people look for stuff like this. (I think that there is the equivalent at UVSC as well.) A friend of mine put up a card for amateur photography up there and got some business from it. Putting a business card or two up there might be a place to start.

Your card looks good by the way!