June 24, 2009


Amidst all the hustle and bustle lately, I've forgotten to make a very important post. Forgive me!

After signing up for a give away on her blog, my adorable friend Ali sent me this hilarious "piece" for my dishwasher! No more sniffing the dishes to see if they're clean... And where did you think of this Ali? So fun.

It's about time we spice things up around here.


JAG said...

Woo!! ;)

Amanda said...


Jenny said...

Very creative Ali! :D

Amanda, to answer your question on my blog... I bought a Nikon D40 last summer. I've just been looking over that pioneer woman site you recommended. I really like it! She explains the basics of photography nicely for beginners like me. I'll have to keep on studying and practicing.

Oh, and by the way, Doug and I LOVE The Office. We were pretty sad when the season ended. Can't wait till it starts up again, whenever that is.