June 26, 2009


It's my last day at ModBod. Can you BELIEVE it? I can't. At all. It's crazy. But it's totally a good thing, and I don't regret my decision. Not one bit.

Tomorrow is Heidi's bridal shower (eek... not ready.) but I'll probably be posting some pictures from that tomorrow. I leave Sunday night for home, and I couldn't be more excited/sick to my stomach. It's going to be awesome. Actually, some of the anxiety has subsided because Justin will be flying down to San Diego to visit a friend that's going to law school there. They live close to the beach, and plan on riding motorcycles half the time, and talking about guns the other half of the time. I'm sad that I can't go see them, but I need some time at home with the fam.


I'm not demanding very often. In fact, I usually just get walked all over "going with the flow," but not this time. I demand guilt free, uncomplicated time at home because I deserve it.

Can you tell that I have issues with entitlement? On the other end of the spectrum.

Blah blah. They're getting pizza today for lunch in honor of me leaving. To be honest, I'm surprised anyone is actually noticing. Woop. I think they'll feel the void when I'm gone, and the new person starts and realizes what kind of a massive, never ending problem she's walked into. I'm not angry. I love ModBod. I'm just relieved to be leaving the stress and pressure and daily rig-a-ma-rol.

*Update* Pizza was awesome. If you're in the area, try Two Jack's pizza in Springville, and get the cheese bread. Mmmm...


aandkhousewright said...

i am so happy for you! you do deserve to go home and have fun and be taken care of by your mom! i'm so jealous!

The G Fam said...

I think they have a sister Pizza place in Payson and SERIOUSLY it is the best pizza/breadsticks in Utah! I'm excited for your trip back east! Post LOTS of pictures (the church, sweet Harpersferry and all that good stuff)for those of us landlocked out here!

Jenny said...

So we're switching places next week, I guess! We're flying out to Utah this Friday and staying for 10 days. Will you be in Utah any of those days? Doug and I would love to play Frisbee or go to lunch or something with all you guys.