June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Justin!

Justin is 26 today!!

In my family, we make Birthday Posters every year for the birthday person. Here's what I'd put on Justin's this year:

All about Justin:

Favorite Food- Spaghetti

Favorite Color- Brown

Favorite Music- Bouncing Souls and Against Me!

Loves Frisbee!




A Friend to Everyone

Loves Kitties :)

Loves Motorcycles!

Fast Runner


Loves Manda

The Best Hubbie Ever!

Draws awesome guitars

Good Singer :)

Lover of Loving Love!


Jed said...

Happy birthday Justin! I especially like the ones that have smiley faces next to them.

ma said...

Happy birthday to my favorite son in law!!! Wish I were to there to eat birthday chicken with you!!!

Coty said...

Happy Birthday Justin! hope it was a good'un!