March 3, 2009


Rick is scheduled to go in for surgery tomorrow morning at 9am EST. We will know a great deal more after this is over. Please continue to keep him in your prayers!

Posting has been light lately due to the fact that my life is consumed by work and stress. Hopefully I can get a grip on that soon and return to my normal blog-self.

Until then, here's another quote to make this post marginally inspiring. It's from one of my favorite books from my childhood, The Princess and the Goblin, by George MacDonald. At this point in the book, the Princess Irene is being chased into the forest by a horrible, ugly, toeless goblin:

"It was foolish indeed- thus to run farther from all who could help her, as if she had been seeking a fit spot for the goblin to eat her in his leisure; but that is the way fear serves us: it always sides with the things we are afraid of."

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Michael and Kyndra said...

I loved that book! One of my favorites for sure! I'm sorry you're so stressed out, I hope things get easier for you!