March 1, 2009

As if I needed another project

I dropped Justin off yesterday at Kiwanis park to play frisbee. None of the other wives were there yet, so I went to my favorite fabric store, The Cotton Shop on 5th North in Provo, to pick up some yardage with which to make a skirt I've been planning for a while. The shop is run by a bunch of older ladies, and you can tell that the moment you walk in because they keep the thermostat around 95 degrees.

The skirt I have in mind to make is just a simple circle skirt with either an elastic or snap waistband, that hits mid-calf. Now that I'm describing it, it sounds kind of old lady-esque. Maybe the prints with help with that? Oh well.

I chose two Moda fabrics to make my circle skirt with. I love Moda- they always have the cutest prints, and it's even greater because there's often ones that match them. They have several quilts hanging up in the shop made with some of these prints, and I just love the cohesion that they have, because there's around 10 different prints, all with the exact same colors.

I chose the flower pattern for the skirt, with the stripes for the wasteband. If I'm feeling adventurous, I might add a little of the stripe around the bottom of the skirt. The eyelet trim was on sale, and I believe I will attach that around the bottom of the white muslin lining.

Pretty? Hopefully. If it's not, it's certainly not the fabric's fault. I just wanted a longer, fuller skirt that I can wear to church and nursery and not have to worry about flashing people when I sit on the floor. And a bright happy skirt for summer is in order. Now let's just see if I can finish it before it gets too warm.

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