January 22, 2009

Why I love WV, Part Deux

This is waiting for me when I come downstairs in the morning.
We eat lunch at my favorite places, i.e. Panera.
Hello Frontega Chicken Panini. I missed you.
More food pictures, and why I love WV coming, as soon as I can find my camera cable.
(I took some of these pics with my new iPhone!!! Mom took the grapefruit one with hers.)
I'm lucky for too many reasons.
And P.S. to Jed: Quit being a grouch- you know you wish you were here. Every time of year is amazing in the celestial kingdom, (aka Harpers Ferry.)


Jed said...

Hahaha. no that food looks amazing. Ive only been to Panera one time. Dont hate

The G Fam said...

LOL!!! Nice comment for Jed! I am jealous!