January 27, 2009

More from home.

I'll be posting about home stuff most likely for the next week or so. And no, I haven't died, I've just been really busy and haven't posted much lately. Taking a week off from work means that I have to double time when I come back...

It's good though. While I was gone, I was moved into a new office! It's exciting to be out of a cublicle. And guess what. I even have a fake tree. Yep. It's legit.

OK. So we couldn't go home without making our traditional stop at Sheetz! This is really the highlight of Justin's trip, so it had to be documented on the blog. I think the boys were a little embarrassed that I was taking so many picture while they were MTO-ing, but too bad.

This is how the MTOs get to the gas station.

The Beer Cave and Fizz City are located in the back of the station for all your beverage needs.

This is how we do it.

And then you pay for it...

And then you EAT IT! We had to consume them in the parking lot so we'd get the maximum freshness of our Made to Order subs.

I was a little surprised, Tommy got a Meatball sub. I later realized that compared to the donkey and goat meat he may be eating in Mexico, gas station meatballs are easy sauce.
Go Tommy with your bad, non-vegetarian-anymore self.

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Vallen Family said...

Lol, Sheets...Ben is so jelous! Happy Birthday tomorrow. I still have your Christmas present that I need to give to you guys but since I have only left my bed to go to the hospital I have to admit that it isn't finished yet. Hopefully this sickness will go away and we can do fun things with you guys again. We miss you!